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  • Julia Balaz

Four Mighty Cosmic Points

Considering the last Solar Eclipse of this year is falling on a super tight conjunct alignment with the Shapley Attractor, our community of Galactic Astrology enthusiasts has been zooming in on greater cosmic points and uncovering how much of an influence these distant giants have on human consciousness. I will explain more in this article.

The second partial solar eclipse of this year occurs on the 25th of October 2022 and will be visible

from a large part of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and western parts of Asia. Get ready to start observing it from 08:55am GMT.

Astrologically speaking, this Solar Eclipse is falling to the proximity of 2 degrees of Scorpio, with the Sun and Moon at 1°59' Scorpio. Venus will join the two at 2°39' of Scorpio and so will Haumea, a dwarf planet associated in mythology with the Goddess of Fertility, calling us to embrace our profound connection to Nature, Source, God, Creator, Wakan Tanka, whatever your code word is.

These benefic influencers will aid the significance of this event as they are helping with ushering in greater cosmic energies of supra intelligence to our planet, to our collective consciousness.

When we expand our view as far as we can currently go, we will find the Shapley Attractor sitting on the 2°40’ of Scorpio in 2022. The Shapley Cluster is the largest concentration of galaxies in our nearby universe that forms a gravitationally interacting unit, pulling itself together instead of expanding with the universe. To give you a visual:

Philip Sedgwick has studied this mighty influencer for years and his intriguing research has inspired us to add the SHAPLEY ATTRACTOR to our free online calculator to help us identify it in astrological charts that we are interested in. We also included the GREAT ATTRACTOR, SUPER GALACTIC CENTER and the GALACTIC CENTER in the free tool. I encourage you all to review your own birth Astro charts to see for yourself how much these cosmic points may be influencing your own life.

Some of the worlds' biggest influencers have these major points in their charts as prominent. For example Vladimir Putin's Ascendant is Conjunct Shapley, Hillary Clinton's Sun is Conjunct Shapley and

Bill Gates Sun and Uranus are Conjunct Shapley. These individuals have global influence whether we realize it or not. This is one of many examples of how the Shapley Attractor works. It impacts our lives whether we realize it or not. A mighty force that pulls everything and everyone towards it.

The same goes to the other three cosmic points in lesser extend. Each in their own way.

We found that people who have Conjunct and Opposite alignments to the Galactic Center, Super Galactic Center, Great Attractor and Shapley tend to be naturally wired to hold a much higher perspective on life and any situation than people who don't have these alignments.

The more of these points in the chart, the more the person perceives the bigger picture. And many of them feel called to support our collective evolution.

Remember, what can be perceived as act of evil, usually becomes the spark that activates our greatest potential and propels us towards evolution.

This is a complex topic with many nuances that I cover in great detail in my online courses on Galactic Astrology. It is very challenging to boil it down to the minimum here but I hope it will peak your curiosity enough to start paying more attention to your own astrology. And remember, the 'Know Thyself' quest is a life long journey. Embrace it as that, let go of the need to know it all now.

I will be talking about this topic in my upcoming interviews on various channels that I was invited to contribute. I will share with you their links in the coming days and weeks. Keep an eye on my social media posts. Some of them are live podcasts that allow you to ask me any question on the topic so I hope you can join me then. I will be delighted to see you there.

May you be blessed with graceful continuous expansion of your consciousness as we are collectively ushered into the new era of greater connectivity and harmony. Anything that stands in the way, shall crumble. The lords in the sky, the celestial bodies of mighty influence, will ensure that to be so.


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