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  • Julia Balaz

The New Energy Kids

In addition to this week’s video on the topic of the New Energy Kids, I also wanted to share a written format with key points for an easier reflection. It can help you identify some of the main manifestations of the celestial influencers on the human consciousness.

What do I mean by the New Energy Kids? I saw this term on Denise Dryden’s website and I loved the idea of using it as an umbrella for the many names given to children that feel special for several decades. You may have heard these labels before, the Indigos, Crystal children, a Rainbow child, a Diamond child etc.

We observe that each new generation can hold and embody higher consciousness than the previous one. As much as this can be a blessing, it can also bring challenges for parents who can feel triggered by the behavior of their child.

So, I invited Denise on the call as she has spent decades supporting parents of the 'new energy children'. Her new book is called The Indigo Assignment and is the first of four books where she goes into details about each generation.

My inspiration for this video and the article comes from my research of these last few generations from the astrological perspective. I am excited to share with you how the outer planets, Pluto and Neptune and their slow transits through the Zodiac wheel are matching the main characteristics of the four generations that we discussed in the video.

With Pluto moving through one zodiac sign in approximately 20 years and Neptune in approximately 13 years, they are the main influencers of the major changes in our collective consciousness. Neptune is activating our connection to divine guidance from within and Pluto is activating our will to evolve towards universal harmony.

If you take time to investigate this, you will see very clearly how different areas of our society are being transformed in alignment with these 'celestial lords’ moving through the sky.

Here is an overview of Neptune Pluto transitioning through zodiac signs in the last few decades, creating changes in areas of our live connected to these zodiac signs.

Neptune Periods

1. In Sagittarius 1970 (52yo) to 1984 (24yo)

2. In Capricorn 1984 (38yo) to 1998 (24yo)

3. In Aquarius 1998 (24yo) to 2012 (10yo)

4. In Pisces 2012 (10yo) to 2026

Pluto Periods

1. In Libra 1971 (51yo) to 1984 (38yo)

2. In Scorpio 1984 (38yo) to 1995 (27yo)

3. In Sagittarius 1995 (27yo) to 2008 (14yo)

4. In Capricorn 2008 (14yo) to 2024

In this article I want to focus on the latest generation to help us better understand them and hold space for their mission on earth.

Pluto in Capricorn generation is born into a world that is experiencing a profound transformation of everything to do with Capricorn: the structures that govern our society, big corporations, the government, the banks, the church, anyone, and anything that has power and control over others. Pluto is pushing for a change in these structures that were built on rotten foundations. If they are not willing clean up their act, they will have to crumble.

Children with Pluto in Capricorn are the ones who are not willing to be controlled through manipulation. They feel innately that they are here to build a better world and they will do so with great responsibility and vigour. If you have a kid with this alignment, it can be frustrating to see them stubbornly ignoring your guidance. When their time comes, they will roll up their sleeves and act on their inner guidance to do the right thing for the benefit of all. They are the new world builders after the current structures that are out of balance collapse.

Neptune in Pisces is the key influencer that activates higher awareness for the last generation (and for all of us really since 2012). Many of children with Pluto in Pisces are telepathic or have other extra-sensory abilities. Many are channeling outwardly information or art, and many are genius level intelligent. They are deeply compassionate and care about wellbeing of all living beings. They are highly sensitive and in tune with their environment. They are yearning for deep connection relationships as their natural way is to be one with all. When they feel safe they exude unconditional joy, and it feels like their piercing eyes see right through your soul. Looking at them we often feel like we are looking at a master soul that is full of wisdom.

When these children grow up, their gift to humanity coming through their Neptune in Pisces is their compassionate and wise soul. It will lead them to building new structures and make responsible decisions (Pluto in Capricorn) that will be in harmony with universal laws.

We are meant to learn from them, not the other way around. Our role is to hold a safe and loving space for them to grow up strong and complete their mission on earth with joy.

Comment below if you know a child with these qualities and how they are doing. If you enjoyed this article, let me know and I might write a similar version on previous generations. We all have our unique role to play in moving our society towards greater harmony and well-being. You and I included.


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