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Q1) What products are available under the affiliate program?

Julia currently offers 15% commission on three of her courses:

  1. Galactic Astrology 101 Course

  2. Galactic Astrology Soul Reading Practitioner Certification

  3. Life Purpose Astrology Course

Q2) How do I become an affiliate?

Option 1. If you are not a student at Starseeds.Teachable.com, you can apply by sending an email to info@quantumhealingjourney.ie and ask to be added to the affiliate program. All we need is your email address. 

Option 2. As a student of any of Starseeds.Teachable courses, you also need to email Julia and ask to be added if you wish to participate. 

Q3) How do I access information about my commission status?

Step One: Go to Starseeds.Teachable.com

Step Two: Click top right corner to Login. Enter your email address and password you choose.

Step Three: Click the person emoticon image on the top right corner to open more options menu.

Step Four: Click on 'View Admin Dashboard' and browse the page to learn about your current commission status.

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Q4) How do I access my affiliate links?

Follow the steps listed in the Question 2 to get to your affiliate dashboard view. Then scroll down to access your affiliate links. You can cop/paste appropriate link to our website, send it to your friends, or share it on social media of your choice. 

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***Please note, that some people's internet search engines/browsers have settings that block cookies that are required to track your affiliate link, so if they are getting an error message and can't access the course, ask them to change their browser settings for this particular website link or to try different browsers until they find one that works.

Q5) How much commission do I get from each course? 

The affiliate payments go through the Teachable platform. They deduct approximately 18% Tax on all my courses and then deduct the 15% commission that you will receive on every transaction that is linked to your Affiliate ID.

Currently, you can earn approximately:

1) $90 USD on the QSG Certification Program 

2) $18 USD on the Starseeds Astrology 101 course

3) $4 USD on the Life Purpose Astrology course

Q6) How do I get paid?

The only available option is PayPal. Click on the 'Payment Details' inside your dashboard and enter your PayPal email address to get paid for your earnings.


Q7) How long are my affiliate ID links trackable for?

Your link is trackable for 365 days from the first click. Meaning that when you share a link with a friend who clicks on it to review the program and decides not to buy it right away but returns to it 11 months later and then purchases it, you will receive your commission for that purchase because it was linked to your affiliate ID. Provided that they will use the same device and their cookies setting is not blocking your affiliate link tracking.

Q8) What if my contact chooses the 4 months payment plan for the QSG Course?

The 4 months payment plan for the Certification course is not possible to arrange via Teachable platform, only via PayPal arrangement directly with Julia. So in this case it will not be possible to automatically track your affiliate link/code. In a case like this, you will need to ask your referral to let Julia know that you referred them or you email Julia yourself to let her know to make note of your commission.

In a case of Payment Plan, you will receive only 10% commission due to PayPal keeping 5% in transaction fees. You will receive the commission AFTER the course is paid in full, usually in 4 months from the person enrolling and their first payment.

Julia has an excel sheet where she manually have to track these payments, there is a potential for human error so please make a note of your payment plan referrals too, with reminders to check back with Julia in 4-5 months. Julia will pay you the 10% via PayPal.

Q9) Can I use any marketing material like Logos and banners?

Yes, you are welcome to use the image inside this document. You should be able to save them to your device by clicking on each image and choose the save option. 

If you have any more questions, email Julia at info@quantumhealingjourney.ie

Once again, we thank you in advance for your support.

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