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  • Julia Balaz

Powerful Cosmic Alignments during the Full Moon on December 8th 2022

The 8th of December 2022 is holding potentially highly activating energy amplified by the Full Moon in Gemini in conjunction with Mars, which could blow up in heated conversations in relationships that are prone to conflicts. But what I find much more interesting on this day is seeing that Four personal planets AND Jupiter are in a tight alignment to super powerful cosmic forces that may be aiding our collective consciousness evolution as they activate our awareness of our multidimensional nature.

Using the calculator, entering the 8th of December 2022 and your current location, you will find the following cosmic alignments in the free report:

Sun in Sagittarius is Conjunct the Great Attractor 1°46'

Moon in Gemini is Opposing the Great Attractor within 1°46'

Mars in Gemini is Opposing the Great Attractor within 1°52' Venus in Sagittarius is Conjunct Galactic Center within 0°20'

Jupiter in Pisces is Opposing Super Galactic Center within 3°10'

Mercury is in Trine and Sextile aspects to several key star systems: Mirach Andromeda, Alcyone Pleiades, Regulus, Fomalhaut, and also Sextile to Shapley Attractor.

(I have recorded an hour long podcast about how these 4 cosmic points influence our lives which is now available on my Patreon HERE. I was joined by an expert in this field, Philip Sedgwick)

I suggest you look at your natal chart and check if any of the above mentioned alignments are transiting any of your natal planets, asteroids, or other key points' degrees. And also, which of the Astrological Houses they currently impact the most.

Keep an eye on life areas that may be affected by this powerful cosmic group alignment and see if you can answer their call to embody a higher frequency of your Being.

Real life manifestations of this combined cosmic alignment could vary from person to person. Many will feel nothing at all if their natal planets are not in the proximity of transiting personal planets mentioned above. For others, it could be as simple as making wiser choices, whether in their relationship to themselves or others, judging less, loving more, letting go of polarized view that causes much drama and separation.

But more likely, if your natal chart is hit by this transit, this week could bring deeper realization of your multidimensional nature and realizing how much you are connected to cosmos, to divine intelligence that is becoming more and more accessible as your guiding light towards greater quality life experience.

If you feel intrigued and wish to learn more, consider reviewing any of my astrology courses which are suitable for complete newbies to advanced astrologers.

May you and your loved ones be blessed by the these cosmic forces now and going forward.

With much love and joy,



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