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The Galactic Center, which sits at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy, is the source of energetic particles that bathe the Earth. When our Sun’s activity quietens down, (the latest solar winter was in 2019 and we are now coming out of it) these energetic particles (infrared and gamma particles) can make their way into the Earth’s energy field.



The Galactic Center currently (2022) sits at approximately 27.10 degrees of Sagittarius. Sagittarius represents the archetype of consciousness EVOLUTION and EXPANSION.

You can check the exact degree for any other year HERE.

The orb of influence here is listed as up to 3 degrees in our reports, but many astrologers go as far as 5 to 7 degrees. The closer the orb, the stronger the influence.

*Make sure to also check the relocation chart as that could shift the houses significantly.

For example my Natal chart had GC in the 7th House and since I moved to Ireland in the 9th house and both descriptions are very accurate.

If there are also any of the planets, or asteroids or major points like AC, MC, IC, DC near this point, the influence will be extra noticeable. You can read about the planets connection to the Galactic Center..


The energetic particles from the Galactic Center that are bathing the earth in increasing amounts are believed to stimulate our sub-conscious mind, urging us to both release old emotional wounds and traumas and to align with Higher Consciousness, to engage our New Earth roles.

Look which Astro Houses the late degrees of Sagittarius and very early degrees of Capricorn are.

This will be the life area where divine inspiration and the potential for reaching and embodying higher consciousness is the strongest.

Everyone will experience the strongest influence of this mighty connection in the life area that is linked to the astrological house area where 27 degrees of Sagittarius sits , regardless of any planets present there.


Julia interviewed an expert in this field Philip Sedgwick discussing the Galactic Center, Super Galactic Center, Great Attractor and Shapley Attractor. Watch HERE



If you feel excited about this topic and would like to learn more we invite you to explore our online courses:

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