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Andromeda constellation, the Chained Woman, is a northern constellation sitting above constellation Pisces, between constellation Pegasus and constellation Perseus. It spans over 30 degrees of the Zodiac in the Sign Aries and Taurus, and contains 9 named fixed stars.


Andromeda Constellation spans from

Position in the Year 2000       Astronomical Name             Star Common Name                   Magnitude            Orb

              07 ♉46                                    ο And                                                                       

              14 ♊18                                     α And                                 Alpheratz                                   

              14 ♉38                                     3 And                                                                           

              15 ♉43                                     7 And                                                                      

              16 ♉04                                     ι And                             Keff al-Salsalat

              16 ♉24                                     8 And                                                                     

              17 ♉17                                      κ And                           Téng Shé èrshíyī                                     

              18 ♊17                                      λ And                           Téng Shé shíjiǔ                                                                 

             20 ♊23                                    28 Tau                           Tiān Jiù sān 

             20 ♈34                                     ζ And                             Kuí Sù èr                                     4.08                    1°00′

             20 ♈55                                     ε And                             Kuí Sù sì                                      4.34 1°00′

             21 ♈11                                      θ And                             Tiān Jiù yī                                   4.61 1°00′

             21 ♈48                                     δ And                             Kuí Sù wǔ                                  3.27 1°30′

             22 ♈22                                     η And                             Kuí Sù yī 4.40 1°00′

             22 ♈40                                     π And                             Kuí Sù liù 4.34 1°00′

             27 ♈50                                                                             M31 And Vertex 3.44 1°20′

             29 ♈08                                     ν And                             Kuí Sù qī 4.53 1°00′

             29 ♈10                                     μ And                             Kuí Sù bā 3.86 1°10′

            00 ♉24                                     β And                             Mirach 2.07 2°10′

            06 ♉25                                     φ And                             Keun Nan Mun 4.26 1°00′

            07 ♉51                                      ξ And                             Adhil 4.87 1°00′

            08 ♉33                                     υ And                             Titawin 4.10 1°00′

            08 ♉47                                     ω And 4.83 1°00′

            12 ♉26                                     51 And                            Nembus 3.59 1°20′

            13 ♉15                                      58 And 4.78 1°00′               

Conjunct alignment with our Sun and Earth occurs every year around until .

(day-time mediation in the Northern Hemisphere)

and the Opposite Alignment from around  until 

(night-time meditation in the Northern Hemisphere).

*Note the alignments are the other way around for Southern Hemisphere.

To check on the exact dates, search HERE for Sun returning to Andromedan Stars Astrological degrees listed below.

You can also use our free calculator HERE to see if Andromedan stars are present in your natal Astro chart or on the day of your interest.












Souls originating in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) always spend time adjusting to the Milky Way Galaxy by inhabiting star systems within the Andromeda Constellation. I am yet to come across Andromeda Galaxy origin soul that skipped Andromeda Constellation star systems altogether. I have also found in numerous soul records and astrological charts that souls originating in the Andromeda Galaxy often spend time near the Galactic Center of the Milky Way, especially near the Antares Star System. It could be because Antares is a well-known stargate/portal that enables time travel, multi-dimensional travel, and intergalactic travel. (More on that in the Antares Soul Profile document). Andromeda is the nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way (2.5 million light-years from the sun) and it is approaching us at over 100 kilometres per second. It is expected to directly collide with the Milky Way forming one giant galaxy in about 4 billion years. The nearest star system within the Andromeda Constellation is Alpheratz, ‘only’ 97 light years away from the Sun. Few Andromeda star systems are as little as 30 light years away. Andromedans are highly advanced civilisation, technologically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and in many other ways. They are not struggling with polarity collective consciousness issues, meaning they all perceive reality from the 5th dimension and higher. They have advanced spaceships for millions of human years and they have been interested in Earth and visiting it for bioresearch since Earth’s pre-human times.

Andromeda constellation is a home to various humanoid races as well as a rich flora and fauna on their many planets. For more visuals on this, watch my video HERE. They are one of the many ET races that have assisted with Earth human race genetic development, and they have been incarnating on Earth as humans ever since they got involved. (Including Lemurian and Atlantean times.)

Some of the characteristics of Andromedan Starseeds:

Freedom is their number one value.

There is a deep inner thirst and drive that leads Andromedan Starseeds to search for this feeling of freedom. They may change jobs, homes, or relationships in their search. At some point, they will realize that the freedom they seek, and the feelings they often have of being trapped are not due to their actual circumstances. The true freedom they seek comes only from within. It is found only by developing healthy self-love, and the inner spiritual self. The mature Andromedan human has realized this and works with this knowledge to create a reality that allows these needs to be honoured, while continuing to grow in other areas.



Andromedan starseeds often arrive late or they reply to emails/messages late, or they submit their school/work assignment very last minute. This is because unconsciously they want to control the situation rather than feel controlled by it. By doing this they are expressing their freedom in a negative way. Once this unconscious pattern is realised, they can correct this behaviour and choose to be on time.


Overly self-conscious/self-critical.

The Andromedan tendency to be self-critical may lead them to expect others to be critical of them and therefor attracting people who are critical of them. Once they learn to become a better cheerleader for themselves, they start attracting people who really like and support them too.


This also applies to Andromedans who unconsciously create dramatic learning scenarios for themselves, due to their tendency to be self-critical. Through learning to 'notice' smaller growth opportunities and lessons, they will begin to avoid creating larger dramas.


Andromedans must work with issues of self-confidence and self-love to break-free from harsh self-judgement patterns. This comes from their natural drive for constant self-development and a strong desire to be useful to society in some way. They have high expectations of themselves. As they mature, they usually become skilled and successful in their service to others, so their sense of self-worth grows.

They must act early in life on these inner impulses to develop their gifts and qualities to feel self-confident. Andromedan starseeds are good at keeping the inner fears, doubts, and insecurities inside and presenting a different 'face' to the outside world.

They may have a need to visit past lives homes, shown as a desire to visit certain place or interest in certain areas or time periods without understanding why.

They may enjoy driving fast, or flying in airplanes, as this stimulates subconscious memories of their Andromedan lives.

On a soul level and in the Akashic records, Andromedan souls seem to have beautiful iridescent glow with a feel of an elemental qualities, fairy like. Billions of years ago, at the beginning of their individual soul journeys, before they took on a humanoid life, many if not all Andromedan souls were elemental beings, like water, fire, air, and earth guardians or fairies.

When the Andromedan energy is well integrated in their human bodies they show the following qualities: They feel confident, capable, and outgoing with well-developed abilities to communicate harmoniously with others. They focus on evolution and progress in their lives.


Intuitive Judges of Character. Andromedans are hard to be manipulated into doing something they do not want to do because they are very protective of their personal space. And they are consciously aware of the low frequency of someone who is deceiving. They can sense when someone wants to manipulate them, and they do not fall for it. They know how to set healthy energy boundaries to protect their well-being and freedom.


You cannot control Andromedan.

Andromedan Starseeds want to live a free life, to the point that they will run away if they must. They do not like being controlled, even when they live with their parents. They express the same behaviour in schools and work. For them, it is difficult to follow society’s controllable rules.



Andromedans take their part in social (r)evolution because they do not want to comply to strict societal rules. They call for more freedom and justice wherever they feel it is needed.

Living Life Fully.

Andromedans enjoy travel (even if it is just mentally or on a screen) and thrive on experiencing many types of realities. They enjoy variety of experiences and the excitement that comes with it. Although they are very aware of spiritual dimensions, they know how to enjoy physical life fully. They appreciate good food, good quality materials, luxury, and all physical sensual activities.


Tech savvy

Most Andromedans (with few exceptions) are good with technology and learn how to use it fast. Some choose professions that involve technology, and they help developing new techno products.



Many Andromedans discover they have much to offer to this world and they often become known as teachers, leaders, guided, healers, spiritualists, artists, and most of all freelancers, including jobs that involve traveling. Some choose writing or acting/entertaining to make a living that way. They want to teach humans what freedom feels like and they will speak up on all matters that are limiting human experience in any way. Andromedans are sensitive, caring, compassionate individuals who can put themselves in another's position and truly empathize. They have a strong desire to assist with healing the physical, emotional, or mental pains of mankind.


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  • Watermarked images used with permission, source



Julia made a wonderful video about Andromeda HERE                                                                and HERE.


If you feel excited about this topic and would like to learn more we invite you to explore our online courses:

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