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Antares, Alpha Scorpii, is the brightest star in the Scorpius Constellation, also known as the ‘Scorpion’s Heart’. It is approximately 600Light Years away from us. It is a fiery red super giant star burning 10,000 times brighter than our own sun. It is the 16th brightest star on our night sky.


Antares Constellation spans from

Position in the Year 2000       Astronomical Name             Star Common Name                   Magnitude            Orb


Conjunct alignment with our Sun and Earth occurs every year around December 1st.

(day-time mediation in the Northern Hemisphere)

and the Opposite Alignment from around until May 31st.

(night-time meditation in the Northern Hemisphere).

*Note the alignments are the other way around for Southern Hemisphere.

To check on the exact dates, search HERE for Sun returning to Antares Stars Astrological degrees listed below.

You can also use our free calculator HERE to see if Antares stars are present in your natal Astro chart or on the day of your interest.


Antares is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. Its image is a man armed with a coat of mail, or a scorpion. It gives understanding and memory, help against evil spirits, and the power of driving them away and binding them. Rules sardonyx, amethyst, long aristolochy and saffron.










Since the ancient times Antares was known as one of the 4 Archangel Stars, the Watcher of the West, also associated with Archangel Uriel. There are several Earth-like planets in the Antarean star system, some of which are also in the process of Ascension. Antares is the home to varied intelligent life forms, both physical and non-physical and is an important gateway to other galaxies and universes. Some souls, upon physical incarnation pass through the Antares gateway and this would show as a Conjunct or opposite alignment in their Astrological Chart. For this reason, they can act as a stargate to higher consciousness and help others activate their own higher consciousness. Some starseeds here on Earth, usually those who have originated from the Andromeda Galaxy, came to this Galaxy through the Antares stargate, not Arcturus. These starseeds are highly sensitive, highly intellectual, highly empathic and usually are excellent strategists and visionaries.

Some claim that Antares was one of the first Stargates created in our Galaxy. It acts as a multigalactic, multidimensional portal. Through this portal, many higher and lower density beings from the Andromeda Galaxy arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy. Some benevolent, and unfortunately also some malevolent beings came in through this portal. If you watched the Independence Day, the creatures from that movie looked just like Gnomopo beings from planet called NEGUMAK in the Antarian system. Tall and scary looking insectoid predators that are known to be one of the oldest and scariest races in our Galaxy. Even the Draconian and Reptilian races fear them. They made themselves known on Earth in the 1989 and our government are aware of their existence. More on them can be found in the book by Elena Danaan, The Gift From The Stars. Antares star system is also a home to one of the most magnificent races in our Galaxy, the N’Torii. From the planet N’Tora (“Endora”).They are beautiful 9th and 11th density extradimensional beings, who never leave geographically their planet but travel a lot using interdimensional consciousness resonance. Their structure is humanoid based but purely etheric. There are very few races in this galaxy who have reached such levels of evolution and the N’Torii are one of them. They brought their attention to Earth, in their desire to help the forces of light and evolution of the Milky Way collectives. They manifest as a bright light with filaments of etheric substance dancing around a barely, blinding bright, tall humanoid body, with crystal like eyes. They help the Galactic Federation of Worlds in elevating and cleansing the grid of our planet. Their etheric shimmering colourful ships are always an astonishment to watch, moving discoidal light vessels.


The Antarians are a mostly non-physical star race, although it is thought that they were once physical beings who had visited Earth during ancient times. Antares is a center for spiritual awakening, and they serve as protectors until the end of this galactic cycle. The Antarians benefit from relaying and receiving information from Earth as they are in process of transmuting energy on some planets, which are under their care. Antarians are the gateway keepers of the Higher Realms/Densities/Dimensions. They help facilitate souls shifting into higher states of consciousness. Antarean guides often work with people who have influence over many. They support leaders in long term planning as they can tune into past present and future timelines.



People who have Antares alignments to their natal planets, especially Conjunct alignments often act (unconsciously) as a stargate, portal, activators of higher awareness for others. I found Antares conjunct alignments with many lightworkers who are called to assist others with their Ascension process. Other great qualities that often come with Antares alignments, especially conjunct:

• ability to understand very complex topics

• strategic thinking

• seeing many steps ahead for any task

• ability to plan and achieve long term goals


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Julia made a wonderful video about Perseus HERE                                                                and HERE.


If you feel excited about this topic and would like to learn more we invite you to explore our online courses:

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