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Constellation Cygnus the Swan, is a northern constellation above Aquarius constellation, between Delphinius and Pegasus. 


Cygnus Constellation spans 60 degrees of the Zodiac in the Signs of Aquarius and Pisces, and contains 9 named fixed stars.

Position in the Year 2000       Astronomical Name             Star Common Name                   Magnitude            Orb

        01 Aquarius 15                                  β1                                         Albireo                                        3.2

          14 Aquarius 52                                  22                                     Mokhtarzada                                   

          16 Aquarius 14                                 δ                                          Fawaris
          24 Aquarius 50                                γ                                            Sador
          27 Aquarius 44                                 ε                                           Gienah
          05 Aquarius 19                                 α                                       Deneb Adige                                 1.3
          06 Aquarius 00                                ω1                                         Ruchba 
             27 Pisces 10                                   π2                                  Pennae Caudalis                             4.2
             28 Pisces 16                                   π1                                        Azelfafage                                   4.8

Conjunct alignment with our Sun and Earth occurs every year around until .

(day-time mediation in the Northern Hemisphere)

and the Opposite Alignment from around  until 

(night-time meditation in the Northern Hemisphere).

*Note the alignments are the other way around for Southern Hemisphere.

To check on the exact dates, search HERE for Sun returning to Cygnus Stars Astrological degrees listed below.

You can also use our free calculator HERE to see if Cygnus stars are present in your natal Astro chart or on the day of your interest.


Cygnus, the Swan that modern criticism says should be Cycnus, lies between Draco and Pegasus. When the Romans adopted the title that we now have, our constellation became the mythical swan identified with Cycnus, the son of Mars, or of the Ligurian Sthenelus; or the brother of Phaethon, transformed at the river Padus (Eridanus) and transported to the sky. Associated, too, with Leda, the friend of Jupiter and mother of Castor, Pollux, and Helena, it was classed among the Argonautic constellations, and Helenae Genitor, with other names derived from the well-known legend, was applied to it.

As the bird of Venus it also has been known as Myrtilus, from the myrtle sacred to that goddess; and it was considered to be Orpheus, placed after death in the heavens, near to his favorite Lyre (Lyra). Our Cygnus may have originated on the Euphrates, for the tablets show a stellar bird of some kind, perhaps Urakhga, the original of the Arabs’ Rukh, the Roc, that Sindbad the Sailor knew. At all events, its present figuring did not originate with the Greeks, for the history of the constellation had been entirely lost to them, as had that of the mysterious Engonasin (Hercules), — an evident proof that they were not the inventors of at least some of the star-groups attributed to them.


In the Denderah Zodiac it is named Tes-ark, which means this from afar. It is a most brilliant and gorgeous asterism of 81 stars; one of the 1st or 2nd, six of the 3rd, twelve of the 4th magnitude, etc. It contains variable stars, five double stars, and one quadruple. The star marked “61 Cygni” is known as one of the most wonderful in the whole heavens. It consists of two stars which revolve about each other, and yet have a progressive motion common to each!


This mighty bird is not falling dead, like Aquila, but it is flying swiftly in mid-heaven. It is coming to the earth, for it is not so much a bird of the air, but a bird peculiarly belonging to both the earth and the waters.

Its brightest star α (between the body and the tail), is called Deneb (like another in CAPRICORNUS), and means the judge. It is also called Adige, flying swiftly, and thus at once it is connected with Him who cometh to judge the earth in righteousness. The star β (in the beak) is named Al Bireo (Arabic), flying quickly. The star γ (in the body) is called Sadr (Hebrew), who returns as in a circle. The two stars in the tail, now marked in the maps as p I and p II, are named Azel, who goes and returns quickly; and Fafage, gloriously shining forth.









Cygnus is home to a collective called the Solipsi Ra, they come from a star system of five planets, which they call "Aama" meaning mother world. There are approximately one hundred planetary star systems in Cygnus, but the number of planets in this area reaches closer to 1800. Solipsi Ra would be classified as small Greys. Their civilization is said to be two billion years old and they initially are a peaceful race. Unlike other races of Greys, their society is not structured on a hive-matriarchy. Some of the Solipsi Ra's have made alliances with the Ciakahrr Empire and the Orion Grey Collective. This faction are said to be very active in abductions, at service to the Maytrei, Kiily-Tokurit and Reptiloids. Their ships are said to be discoidal.


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Julia made a wonderful video about Cygnus HERE                                                                and HERE.


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