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 Lyra is a northern sky constellation surrounded by Aquila, Hercules, Cygnus and Draco constellations. It spans 22 degrees of the Zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. The brightest star in Lyra is Vega, and it is only 25 light years away from us.


Lyra Constellation spans from

Position in the Year 2000       Astronomical Name             Star Common Name                   Magnitude            Orb


Conjunct alignment with our Sun and Earth occurs every year around until .

(day-time mediation in the Northern Hemisphere)

and the Opposite Alignment from around  until 

(night-time meditation in the Northern Hemisphere).

*Note the alignments are the other way around for Southern Hemisphere.

To check on the exact dates, search HERE for Sun returning to Lyran Stars Astrological degrees listed below.

You can also use our free calculator HERE to see if Lyran stars are present in your natal Astro chart or on the day of your interest.


Lyra, the Lyre or Harp, anciently represented the fabled instrument invented by Hermes and given to his half-brother Apollo, who in turn transferred it to his son Orpheus, the musician of the Argonauts… Ovid mentioned its seven strings as equaling the number of the Pleiades… Still it has been shown with but six, and a vacant space for the seventh, which Spence, in the Polymetis, referred to the Lost Pleiad. Manilius seems to have made two distinct constellations of this, — Lyra and Fides, — although we do not know their boundaries, and the subject is somewhat confused in his allusions to it.


The association of Lyra’s stars with a bird perhaps originated from a conception of the figure current for millenniums in ancient India, — that of an Eagle or Vulture; and, in Akkadia, of the great storm-bird Urakhga before this was there identified with Corvus. But the Arabs’ title, Al Nasr al Waki’ — Chilmead’s Alvaka, — referring to the swooping Stone Eagle of the Desert, generally has been attributed to the configuration of the group alpha, epsilon, zeta, which shows the bird with half-closed wings, in contrast to Al Nasr al Ta’ir, the Flying Eagle, our Aquila, whose smaller stars, beta and gamma, on either side of alpha, indicate the outspread wings. Chrysococca wrote of it as kathemenos, the Sitting Vulture, and it has been Aquila marina, the Osprey, and Falco sylvestris, the Wood Falcon.

Its common title two centuries ago was Aquila cadens, or Vultur cadens, the Swooping Vulture, popularly translated the Falling Grype, and figured with upturned head bearing a lyre in its beak. Bartsch’s map has the outline of a lyre on the front of an eagle or vulture. Aratos called it Khelus olige, the Little Tortoise or Shell, thus going back to the legendary origin of the instrument from the empty covering of the creature cast upon the shore with the dried tendons stretched across it.


Lyra is on the western edge of the Milky Way, next to Hercules, with the neck of Cygnus on the east, and contains 48 stars according to Argelander, 69 according to Heis. Its location is noted as one of the various regions of concentration of stars with banded spectra, Secchi’s 3d type, showing a stage of development probably in advance of that of our sun.

One may see among the stars the Lyre, its arms spread apart in heaven, with which in time gone by Orpheus charmed all that his music reached, making his way even to the ghosts of the dead and causing the decrees of hell to yield to his song. Wherefore it has honor in heaven and power to match its origin: then it drew in its train forests and rocks; now it leads the stars after it and makes off with the vast orb of the revolving sky.

Next, with the rising of the Lyre, there floats forth from Ocean the shape of the tortoise-shell testudinis, which under the fingers of its heir gave forth sound only after death; once with it did Orpheus, Oeagrus’ son, impart sleep to waves, feeling to rocks, hearing to trees, tears to Pluto, and finally a limit to death. Hence will come endowments of song and tuneful strings, hence pipes of different shapes which prattle melodiously, and whatever is moved to utterance by touch of hand or force of breath. The child of the Lyre will sing beguiling songs at the banquet, his voice adding mellowness to the wine and holding the night in thrall. Indeed, even when harassed by cares, he will rehearse some secret strain, tuning his voice to a stealthy hum and, left to himself, he will ever burst into song which can charm no ears but his own. Such are the ordinances of the Lyre, which at the rising of Libra’s twenty-sixth degree will direct its prongs to the stars.

Its brightest star, α, is one of the most glorious in the heavens, and by it this constellation may be easily known. It shines with a splendid white lustre. It is called Vega, which means He shall be exalted. Its root occurs in the opening of the Song of Moses, quoted above. Is not this wonderfully expressive?

Its other stars, β and γ, are also conspicuous stars, of the 2nd and 4th magnitude. β is called Shelyuk, which means an eagle (as does the Arabic Al Nesr); γ is called Sulaphat, springing up, or ascending, as praise. In the Zodiac of Denderah, this constellation is figured as a hawk or an eagle (the enemy of the serpent) in triumph. Its name is Fent-kar, which means the serpent ruled.














THE MAN RACE, from K62 star system in Lyra, located 1200 light years from Earth, is the cradle of humankind in the Milky Way Galaxy. They called their Sun Star ‘Mana’, the Mother. There were four main genetic humanoid strands evolving from K62 star system in Lyra.


The Ahel race – fair skin and blond hair

The Noor race – similar to the Ahel but much taller

The Taal race – with different skin and hair colours. The Royal cast that was in charge of all K62 planets in a government like structure with representatives from each race.

The Laan race – with feline features and body hair


There is also The Ring Nebula (M57) in Lyra which has been of great interest to many races for eons, especially the neighbouring Draconian Empire, because it acts as interdimensional vortex. It gives easy access to multitude of destinations. It is a strategic point to be in charge of and many Wars have been fought over this precious portal and to this day, it is multitude of reptilian races that oversee it, and they occupy the nearby planets in Lyra now.

The wars between Lyrans and Reptilians were terrible and causing millions of Lyrans to evacuate their beautiful home planets. It was the largest mass exodus in the history of our Universe. They left in gigantic space arks filled with multitude of life forms and cultural heritage to preserve their history. They became space refugees looking for new home in other star systems. The four Man races eventually seeded many other star systems such as Centaurus, Eridanus, Sirius, Procyon, Orion, Aldebaran, Hyades, Pleiades, Andromeda, Cetus, and many others. Their off springs are now inhabiting thousands of planets in the Milky Way. We can call them our ancestors, our forefathers.

THE LYRAN ENERGY The signature of the Lyran races that can be found also in Lyran Starseeds on Earth is dynamic, highly spirited, witty, fast, spontaneous attitude to life. This sizzling energy manifests in two different ways. Either as a restless pull towards adventure, outwardly exploration and creation in the physical (masculine principle). Or, as a high vibration of spiritual wisdom following a deep desire for inner exploration, creation from within (feminine principle). The later became prevalent with Lyrans that colonised Vega star system, and then Sirius star system and many other worlds. These Vega Lyrans developed spiritual practice, energy healing, mystery teachings that spread across many other civilisations, including earthlings. Lyran races played a unique role in the creation of humanity, offering many important teachings and strong work ethic to people of our ancient worlds.


Starseeds from Lyra have plenty of experience incarnating onto different planets and this is evident in how they choose to exist. When they arrive at a 3D world, they enjoy experiencing it to the utmost. These Starseeds operate fiercely in the physical dimensions. Mastering the energies of the divine masculine, they understand the power and effectiveness of strong work ethic. But also, in tune in with divine feminine, being highly intuitive and intelligent.

1. ACTIVE, ENERGETIC & ADVENTUROUS These Starseeds are highly spontaneous and persistent and always have extremely high energy. Because of this vitality, they want to be involved in many activities.

There is always a fresh beginning for them to learn new subjects. They immerse themselves in the physical world to the max, indulging in good food, drink, and music. They adore pushing their physical limits and seek adventures and thrills.


2. NATURAL AUTHORITATIVE LEADERS When they are surrounded by people who have the same soul origin as theirs, they easily step up into positions of leadership. Assertive, and with the natural ability to give orders, they have a sense of underlying authority. People organically gravitate towards them and trust their opinions. The person may not be in a high position of authority, but nonetheless, people instinctively recognize their authority, as they are very experienced and comfortable living the 3rd dimension.


3. EMOTIONALLY STRONG Lyrans appear to be emotionally strong externally and do not weaken in the company of others. However, there is a depth of sensitivity beyond the surface. They are extremely supportive of others during their hour of need. Lyrans can offer “tough love” when forced into a corner.


4. TACTICAL & SOLUTION FOCUSSED Lyran Starseeds work hard, but they are always looking for ways to do things more efficiently. They have their own way of doing things. They can absorb information easily and work out their own solutions to their problems as easily and as quickly as possible.


5. MAGIC, METAPHYSICS & ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY They are interested in the paranormal and are attracted to anything metaphysical. They love being connected to the spirit realm and can often communicate telepathically. They want to serve and expand up the dimensional scale and have a keen interest in the advancement of nanotechnology, space travel, and sciences. Objects of power such as crystals, sacred objects, and other tools will also intrigue them.


6. FEARLESS, PASSIONATE & GROUNDED Starseeds from the Lyran constellation pursue their dreams fearlessly. Fierce, cunning and tactical, they may adopt the archetype of a “freedom fighter”, identifying injustices and fighting for worthy causes. Lyran Starseeds also make excellent athletes as they enjoy physical activity, pushing physical limits and competing fearlessly. They have mastered survival in the physical because they are very grounded.


8. INTELLIGENT & INDEPENDENT Souls from this constellation are intelligent and tend to know a lot about a wide range of topics. Their fierce independence may be painful for those close to them, especially for their parents. A Lyran that is not allowed to express their independence is very unhappy and will begin to exhibit traits that are the exact opposite of what is typical for a Lyran Starseed.


9. FLIRTATIOUS & SEXUAL They may have many lovers because they enjoy the physical experiences of love but have a hard time committing to one relationship. They are highly passionate lovers but bore easily because they prefer diversity and variety. However, they have a good heart, and they are trustworthy as a friend.


10. CAN’T GO HOME Many develop a feeling that they can’t go home’. This is caused by the past-life knowledge that their first Lyran incarnation was on a planet destroyed during their war with the Reptilians.


11. CONNECTION TO CATS The first Elders who birthed Lyra had ‘feline’ characteristics. They may have memories of being a cat-like humanoid or may understand cats, like people. 12. WISDOM KEEPERS Lyran Starseeds may intuitively feel that they are a keeper of ancient knowledge. Before the downfall of the Lyran planets, a group of elders and teachers escaped to safety. This group took the secrets of Lyra with them and promised to guard this wisdom across infinite lifetimes. Many Lyrans know that they have ancient roots. Yet, they have trouble finding their Starseed connection. This is because they identify with multiple Star Systems. Most Lyrans have incarnated as Andromedans, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, and Vegans. If Lyrans had a slogan, it would be HOME IS WHERE YOUR HEART IS.


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  • Watermarked images used with permission, source




Julia made a wonderful video about Lyra HERE                                                                and HERE.


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