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"I would love to book my Galactic Astrology chart reading with a certified practitioner that knows how to interpret my connections to stars in a meaningful way."

"I feel deeply inspired by QSG Practitioners community and I too would love to learn how to facilitate high quality Soul Readings backed by Astrology."

"I am fascinated by the topic of Galactic Astrology and I would like to learn as much as I can to better understand my own chart to improve my experience of life."

"I am eager to know if I have any connections to the well known stars systems, constellations or black holes, like the Galactic Center."

Learn the language of Astrology to read the stories written in heaven.


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For many years Julia Balaz felt guided to meticulously study astrological charts of her clients AFTER their regression hypnosis

(QHHT®) sessions. She was looking for some verification on Extra-Terrestrial information that came up in so many sessions.

While analyzing around two thousand  natal charts she observed that Fixed Stars alignments to our solar

system's planets in a natal chart are revealing astounding stories of our deep ancestors and ancient soul

memories of ET encounters that are resurfacing in our collective consciousness.

Julia is a passionate researcher of souls' journeying through cosmos and she shares her

intriguing discoveries on her YouTube, Instagram and in her online courses

Julia's research is based on Geocentric, Tropical Astrology, Placidus and Whole House systems, but she encourages her students to apply her teachings to any astrological method that they resonate with and explore the emerging potentials. 

Quantum Soul Guidance certified practitioners taught by Julia focus on delineation of key astrological alignments that include relevant fixed stars, nebulas, and black holes, in a practical and meaningful way with the intention to support their client's journey of consciousness expansion, finding clarity and identifying inner resources that can improve their client's life in many ways.

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Uncover Your Connection To Stars
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